We truly believe: Therapy. Matters.


Therapy Matters believes in providing clients with a safe and supportive environment to explore their thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, with the aim of promoting self-awareness, coping strategies, and overall mental well-being.


Therapy Matters offers Neurofeedback services to help in regulating brain activity to improve cognitive function, emotional well-being, and overall mental health.

Our Mission

At Therapy Matters, we believe in your healing journey as a lifelong process of self-discovery and empowerment. We provide a strength-based, non-stigmatizing approach to healing, acknowledging that you are not broken, but deserving of care. With our support, you can release defences and reveal your full potential. We invite you to discover your resilience and embrace your unique perspective on life. You are on the right track, and you are not alone. Welcome to Therapy Matters, where you and your healing matter.

  • Previous Client

    “Working with Nazanin has been one of the best experiences of my life. I'm forever grateful to her.”

  • Previous Client

    “I felt seen and understood. Nazanin helped me see my potential for growth and healing, and empowerment in codependent relationships. I found Nazanin to be knowledgeable, responsible, and most importantly very heartfelt and compassionate.”

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Your well-being matters.

Do you need immediate help?

If you or someone you know is in crisis, here is a list of crisis resources. In an emergency, always call 9-1-1.